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About Us

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Lumenasa Financial is an emerging financial technology company that plans to deliver a full slate of financial solutions to households across the United States. With an omni-channel approach, Lumenasa Advisors meet clients where they are most comfortable with engagement from brick-and-mortar to desktop to mobile device to telephone. At the core of Lumenasa Financial is an advisory approach to financial solutions with a five-star client service experience. About our name and brand. It is a combination of Lumen or Light and Casa or House. Combined it is Lumenasa or Lighthouse and symbolizes a new way forward to protect, empower, and progress. We are a trusted beacon of light on the highpoint that will help our clients navigate a myriad of options to reach their financial goals. Our first client solution is Insurance with the launch of Lumenasa Insurance Agency LLC, providing insurance advisory and solutions throughout Arizona. Overtime, we will add additional financial solutions and scale to other states.

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